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I am a creative designer who loves making photographs of beautiful people and wonderful things. I have a lust to be outdoors, as well as behind the camera, and the pursuit of my ardent passion pushes me each day. I am proud to make Lancaster County, PA my home, but love to travel whenever I have the opportunity. Stay inquisitive and explore!

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A seasoned creative professional who understands marketing strategy, creative design, brand development, print, web, photography, collaboration and creative team management.
Andrew C. Albright

I enjoy traveling whenever I can, even if it is right in my backyard. I love photography, design, the outdoors, hiking and listening to music. My background is graphic design and I've won a few awards, but photography has always been my ardent passion. I love making photographs of beautiful people and wonderful things!

My career focus has been corporate design, but my start was in a medium-sized design studio and the companies that I have been very fortunate to work with include; Airwalk Shoes, Izod Club, Armstrong World Industries, Susquehanna Bank, Bosch, Philips Electronics, Armacell and numerous other international companies. I am proud to make Lancaster County, Pennsylvania my home, but can be anywhere in the world when the opportunity presents itself. Stay inquisitive and explore!